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Effective Ventilation


An effective attic ventilation system requires an adequate supply of air intake and air exhaust:

 Air Intake

 Air Exhaust
Pulls in fresh outside air. Removes overheated , moisture-laden air - even in winter.

Usually placed under the eaves for weather protection. Ideally positioned at the ridge line to take advantage of natural air flow.

Should be evenly spaced on both sides of the house to ensure uniform air circulation. Operates using natural air flow


Your Best and Safest Choice To Remove Heat and Moist Air

Helps Prolong Roof and Shingle Life Allows damaging, overheated attic air to escape

Adds To Your Comfort Helps prevent overheated air in the attic from radiating into your home.

Easy To Install Quick 3-step process

Looks Terrific Virtually invisible when installed
Low profile keeps Cobra® Ridge Vent hidden from view
Eliminates the need for less attractive attic fans, turbines, and louvers.

Helps lower Heating and Cooling Cost Allows hot, stale attic air to escape in the summer and moisture-laden air to be exhausted in the winter.

Reduce the potential Of Ice Damming in Harch Winter Climates Helps maintain a constant temperature in the attic, reducing the melting and refreezing of snow and ice on the roof

Helps safeguard Your Possessions Stored in Your Attic By helping to circulate air through the attic, moisture laden air is removed from the attic which limits mildew growth on your possessions.

Peace of Mind Cobra® Ridge Vent is backed by a 40 year ltd. warranty.

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